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We’ve been offering quality Feel-at-Home services in Romania since 2008. City Compass started with a team of enthusiastic expats offering quality information, relocation services and advice to expats in Romania. It developed into a group with three main divisions, serving expats, foreigners and Romanians alike: City Compass Media, City Compass Tours & Events & City Compass Intercultural Consulting.

Our previous events

Expat Fair series

City Compass Group has also been organizing the Expat Fair series, with three events so far:  over 130 companies involved; 1,000 participants from over 200 companies; 20 workshops and 3 panel discussions delivered

Partners & Supporters at our previous Expat Fair series

Our Partners at Expat Fair #1

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Our Partners at Expat Fair #2

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Our Partners at Expat Fair #3


Meet Our Team

A mix of foreigners and internationally – minded Romanians

Volker Moser

Co-founder & Partner, City Compass Group

Volker holds a MA in Public Policy and Management from Konstanz University. He has been living in Romania since 2007 and has co-founded City Compass, an expat services company. He became a partner in Romania-Insider.com in 2010, and four years later, created City Compass Group, with media, tours & events and intercultural consulting as main divisions. He is keen on exploring regional food and opportunities regarding regional development, both in Romania and internationally.

Corina Chirileasa

Managing Partner, City Compass Media

Corina has been editing the City Compass guide since 2011. She holds a BA in Journalism and has been a business journalist in Romania since 2005. She became an entrepreneur in 2010, when she founded Romania-Insider.com. Currently based in Bucharest and the mother of one, Corina is also Managing Partner of City Compass Media, part of the City Compass Group. She loves the Romanian countryside and enjoys spending time outdoors.

Thorsten Kirschner

Director, City Compass Tours & Events

Thorsten holds a master degree in International Business and Cultural Studies and has been working as international development and export consultant for more than ten years all over the world. He has been living in Romania since 2009 and is passionate about travelling. He is the co-founder of Monteoru Renaissance, a tourism development association of Buzau county, and of Carpathian Tourism Cluster Romania, Romania´s first supra-regional tourism cluster. He is  also the Director of the Tours & Events division within City Compass Group.

Irina Chirileasa

Media & Marketing Executive, City Compass Media

Irina holds a marketing degree. A free spirit and open minded, fashion design enthusiast, classical and electronic music lover, she always looks for persons and things that inspire her. She currently manages media projects, mainly in charge of advertising campaign management, media partnerships, client communication and other media projects with City Compass Media.

Oana Pascu

Business Development Manager, City Compass Group

Oana is passionate about tourism and traveling, foreign languages and cultures. In the past few years, she lived in 4 different countries, traveled in 20 other, met people from 5 continents, learned 5 foreign languages and kept her passions alive. She is a Business Administration in Tourism’ graduate, former Vice President of AIESEC in Switzerland, member of Young Skal Bucharest and a former expat herself. She returned to Romania and contribute to the development of the travel industry as well as to put Bucharest on the map when it comes to both tourism and business opportunities.

Ruxandra Stan

Administrative Manager, City Compass Media

Ruxandra holds a Bachelor degree in international relations and European studies and a Master in minorities’ rights and women studies. She likes to read, watch all the TV series possible and be up to date with what happens globally regarding human rights violations and hopefully be a part of the improvements, focusing on the social and political equality between women and men. She is also the proud roommate of a former stray cat.

Alina Nita

Tours & Events Coordinator, City Compass Tours & Events

Graduated in International Business and Intercultural Management, Alina is currently the Tours & Events Coordinator of City Compass Group/City Compass Tours & Events. She has been living, studying, volunteering, working in Romania, Switzerland, Belgium, Lithuania, USA, Indonesia and Germany. Being a guide/scout and a volunteer in AIESEC gave her the chance to facilitate and organize different trainings, camps, events, projects.