Amber Gardens

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Amber Gardens is the first large scale residential project in Romania that integrates bioclimatic design and follows the passive house standard. 

Amber Gardens offers 60 individual luxury green homes engineered for high performance, incorporates high-end finishes, superior lighting, better acoustics, better comfort, and healthier environments in which to live yet requiring
significantly less ongoing energy and maintenance costs.

The project has achieved the first “Green Homes certified by Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC)” designation in Bucharest. The Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) analysis confirms that Amber Gardens demonstrates that projects can successfully achieve today the most ambitious definition of the impending European Directive mandating Net Zero Energy Buildings in 2020 while satisfying additional, essential green building principles.

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161, 1 Decembrie, St., Otopeni-Tunari

+40765 250 777