The Romanian Blouse

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“Tradition is not worship of ashes but the transmission of fire“ as Gustav Mahler said, so our work start by collecting and restoring old Romanian blouses and then we recreate the most beautiful and emblematic traditional blouses or reinterpret them and propose new and contemporary models.

Spirited by a deep respect for our heritage, we dedicated a lot of time for documentation, selection and searching for the golden hands, capable of accomplishing this craft.  Those carrying on with this artisanship are found in tiny ateliers in the countryside. Using only the best, natural fabrics, our blouses are sewn in complex patterns and ancient techniques.

This high quality garment is not just another blouse in your wardrobe, but a masterpiece designed to last a lifetime

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Special Offer

Romanian Blouse offers a 10% discount from the price tag for all visitors at Feel at Home in Romania Fair.

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10 Aleea Alexandru St., Bucharest

+40723 700 600